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No more active practices one day before the game for Dolphins

Under interim coach Dan Campbell the Miami Dolphins are going to keep their travel schedule and approach just as they did under former coach Joe Philbin.

With one potentially significant change:

The Dolphins are going to practice on Friday and walk-thru on Saturday now.

Under Philbin the past couple of years, the Dolphins have used Friday as a walk-thru practice day. And Saturday, or the day before the game, has been more of a practice day with some walk-thru work but also some relatively competitive drills.

A couple of NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, have used this approach because sports science departments contend this is a great way to allow the athletes to slow down on their work a couple of days before the game and then build back up just prior to game day.

And in theory this sounds rational.

But in practice this has been a disaster for the Dolphins based on the anecdotal evidence that the team hasn't typically started fast in games played one day after the active practice regimen.

Some history: The Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowls under multiple coaches using the day before game day as a walk-thru. The Dolphins had their walk-thru days just prior to game day under Don Shula and every other coach except Joe Philbin.

But in recent years the Dolphins were among the teams trying to reinvent the wheel.

Sometimes that has resulted in a flat tire.

Campbell, who played 11 seasons in the NFL, is going back to the old way.