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Offensive line may be 'Pouncey's crew' but Branden Albert is most important player

The Miami Dolphins offensive line, long the epicenter of all that is right and wrong with the Miami Dolphins, is fascinating to me.

Remember when the team invested $154 million in the unit around 2009-10 and got not much in return? Remember the coach who gifted his players blowup dolls for Christmas? Remember the record breaking sack year in 2013, and by record breaking I don't mean fewest?

The Miami offensive line continues to intrigue. This unit's leader is center Mike Pouncey. Coach Dan Campbell has told me the offensive line is "Pouncey's crew."

But the best player and most important player on the unit is left tackle Branden Albert.

So maybe Pouncey is the heart but Albert is the lifeblood of the group. And, as I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the lifeblood is pumping strong again.

Albert had a breakout game last week. I know because he told me as much. And that is excellent news for the Dolphins because the statistics with Albert and without are eye-opening.

Check out the column.