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Salguero and PFF review of the Dolphins victory over Tennessee

The buzz should have worn off by now.

The Miami Dolphins won on Sunday and that caused partying across Dolphins nation because it hadn't happened in four weeks. It was also gratifying to see your team play with energy and life and some of those other things we all assume a football team will display every time it takes the field.

So it was a good start for Dan Campbell's head coaching tenure -- however long that will be. (Will be pretty long if they keep this up).

But ...

It was the Titans, folks.

And despite the convincing victory, there are mistakes to correct because the Dolphins remain in the AFC East cellar and the Patriots, Jets and Bills are better than the Titans.

Let's get to that:

Left guard Dallas Thomas was good in some respects. And not so good in others. Sunday was typical in that he was pretty good on his run blocking. According to ProFootballFocus his run blocking grade was better than his pass blocking grade for the fifth straight game this season. Miami has only played five games.

The perfect illustration of that was a block he made on a right off tackle run by Lamar Miller in which Thomas pulled and swallowed up a Tennessee linebacker to spring Miller for 13 yards. The kid looked like a beast on the play.

The illustration of his pass blocking deficiencies is that he failed to recognize -- or recognized too late -- a stunt up front and the Tennessee pass rusher steamed right past Thomas as he was trying to engage a defensive lineman who was already blocked. That caused a sack of Ryan Tannehill.

So, some good. Some bad.

Billy Turner made his first start and seemed to be an upgrade over what Jamil Douglas previously offered.

On one play, Turner pulled right with center Mike Pouncey and the escort looked about as intimidating and well aligned as a pulling guard and center combo can look. The play gained 22 yards. Excellent by both linemen. Turner, by the way, had a very good game for his first NFL start.

No, wait.

Turner had a very good game. Period.

Miller, meanwhile, ran with as much authority as he has at any point in his Miami career. Obviously, he got the message that coaches wanted him being decisive and getting all the yards possible, plus perhaps a couple of more on effort. There was no chop-stepping by Miller in this game.

According to PFF, Miller gained 78 of his 113 yards running right.

Cameron Wake, not surprisingly, was the best 4-3 defensive end in the NFL on Sunday. Pretty obvious when you have four sacks, including two strip sacks.

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, meanwhile, continues to puzzle. It's not that he's playing poorly. He's been at the same level for the last three games now after starting slow the first two weeks of the season. And that level is solid. Good, even.

But there is nothing explosive or dynamic about his play.

Suh's highlights this game were two batted passes he got at or near the line of scrimmage. On one, he read Marcus Mariota's eyes, got in the pass lane and slapped the pass away. Issue here? It was obviously a pass play and he got no push on the pocket. So good that he did the next best thing in breaking up the pass. But, again, no push on the pass pocket.

On another play in which he affected the pass, Suh seemed to drop off the line of scrimmage and into a coverage. I don't know if he did this by design or by instinct but it worked. It affected the play.

Suh is tied for the No. 15 rated interior lineman, per the PFF metrics.

Before this game, I reported that Campbell told quarterback Ryan Tannehill to simply "manage" the game. He didn't have to think about carrying the team. (Say what you will about telling a $96 million QB he doesn't have to carry the team, but it is what it is).

Anyway, Tannehill did exactly that.

His pass grade on PFF was second best of any QB playing Sunday. But it was also Tannehill's highest grade of the season. Obviously, two touchdown passes and two interception is, on its face, not a great day at quarterback.

But recall that one pass simply bounded off a receiver's hands and into the defender's hands. So there is that.

Linebacker Koa Misi continues to have a quiet but very good season. He's PFF's seventh-rated outside linebacker and last week was his third best game of the season.

The Dolphins continue to give rookie Zach Vigil some snaps at middle linebacker. But Kelvin Sheppard remains the starter and continues to get the brunt of the action. Sheppard got 24 snaps this game to Vigil's 10 snaps.

What is interesting is that previously, Vigil got more run snaps than pass snaps in every single game. This game he got 10 snaps on pass plays. And zero on run plays, per PFF. Sheppard split his snaps on runs and passes.