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Buffalo Bills beat Miami Dolphins, 33-17

ORCHARD PARK -- This was the game Dan Campbell showed he is not yet ready to be an NFL head coach.

The man who has earned the respect of everyone in the Dolphins building since he made the jump from tight end assistant to interim head coach, made multiple questionable decisions in today's loss to Buffalo.

The end of the first half was a disaster, as you can read here. Then a second half decision was equally questionable.

In that situation, the Dolphins stopped the Bills on third down and forced a fourth-and-four situation that might have brought out Dan Carpenter for a 51-yard field goal try. But the Bills had been penalized for holding on third down.

So Campbell accepted the penalty, giving the Bills a third-and-14 situation. Tyrod Taylor passed 44 yards to Sammy Watkins for a TD on that extra down -- which never should have happened.

Call it second-guessing all you want, but not giving an offense another down is basic coaching 101 stuff.

That's not the reason the Dolphins lost. The Dolphins could not stop the Buffalo run game. They allowed 266 rushing yards.

The Dolphins couldn't finish drives well enough, either.

But the Dolphins are in last place in the AFC East for multiple reasons. And with Joe Philbin and Campbell today, coaching is one of them.