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Dolphins player that belongs in the Pro Bowl? Reshad Jones

The Miami Dolphins will soon be voting for the Pro Bowl and, as I looked around the locker room Wednesday, it was hard finding sure fire Pro Bowl players in this team.

There are two, maybe three:

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, maybe, because he's practically always there so his reputation will help plus he's had a solid year.

Center Mike Pouncey, maybe, because he also has a reputation for belonging (although last year he went as a guard) and he's had a good year.

But, interestingly, the Dolphins player who has stood out the most and deserves it the most is safety Reshad Jones. And he doesn't have a reputation. And obviously he's not on a winning team.

And the Dolphins use him as a hybrid both in the box and deep in the secondary.

And all those things hurt him.

But he belongs more than any other Miami player does.

""My numbers don't lie," Jones said Wednesday. "Are we going off performance or is it a popularity contest?"

It is often a popularity contest and no doubt Charles Woodson, in his 400th NFL season, is a sentimental favorite. He also has five interceptions and has played very well.

And Cincinnati's Reggie Nelson has six interceptions, eight passes defensed and a fumble recovery so he will get recognition as well. Nelson has the added advantage that he plays on a winner. And because Jones does not, that could hurt the Dolphins safety.

"Oh, yeah, most definitely," Jones said. "Winning has always been a factor in who is in the Pro Bowl and who gets Pro Bowl votes. But we're still going off individual play, right? My play has been stellar this year. And my numbers are better than anybody's numbers across the board. I still should have a good shot, I feel."

Jones does something those other safeties do not. He tackles. A lot.

He is fourth in the NFL with 98 total tackles. He is the only safety among the NFL's top six tacklers. The other five are linebackers. Yes, the guy is a beast in the box as well as dangerous to quarterbacks in the back end. But, unfortunately, that kind of versatility could cost Jones because the time he spends in the box takes away from his ability to collect interceptions.

Indeed, one game Jones did not play great in -- against Philadelphia -- was one in which coaches asked him to do, well, everything.

"The Eagles game, they had me all over the place. I was playing different positions," Jones said. "And so if I had a bad game, that would be the game."

There are no AFC and NFC teams anymore. The four best safeties will get picked first.

Jones has as good a shot as any and better shot than most.

I know this: I have an All-Pro vote from the Associated Press.

Reshad Jones is getting one vote for that team for sure. Mine.