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Dion Jordan the face of 2013 failure

If you read my column in today's Miami Herald, you understand that general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin were in agreement about how good Dion Jordan could be prior to the 2013 draft.

This is no small thing considering those two had significant disagreements otherwise.

But here's the thing that amazes me:

Even as both men where on the same page about a player, their vision was askew of each other when it came to a plan for that great player.

Ireland viewed Jordan as an outside linebacker and likely a strongside outside linebacker who could cover tight ends like Rob Gronkowski, or rush the passer on zone or conventional blitzes or in a pass-rush package. Philbin's vision was of a 4-3 defensive end.

Both men wanted the guy. Both were agreed he had elite potential. But when both looked at Jordan, they saw different positions for the guy.

This happens when people are not of like minds. Even in the rare instances they agree, they are not sharing a vision.

By the way, I have no Jordan update. He has not been around the team nor the facility, per NFL suspension guidelines. And, yes, there have been some troubling photos of him looking thicker (added weight, not muscle) online in the past few months.

That leads me to this: Is Jordan going to be ready to put his past positive tests for performance enhancing and street drugs behind him when he returns? Is he going to come back in shape? Is he going to be ready to become the player both Ireland and Philbin thought was the best in the 2013 draft?

No one knows. But I would point you to when he last came back from an extended suspension -- that on October 26, 2014.

Did Jordan come back in great shape? Well, he was in shape. He was not in great shape. The conditioning regime he had put himself through compared to Reshad Jones, who also had been suspended, was like night and day. Jones was a professional who took the work seriously and came back ready to contribute immediately. Jordan came back needing to get ready to get ready.

And, I remind you, Jordan returned and talked of having learned his lesson about drugs. He laughed off a direct question from me when I asked if he was free of drugs. And then he got popped by the drug testing policy again, leading to his current one-year suspension.

So if you believe the best predictor of future actions is past behavior, you have your answer on Dion Jordan.

We'll see.

Oh, yeah, the Dolphins play today.