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Indianapolis Colts defeat the Miami Dolphins, 18-12

The Miami Dolphins were thisclose to a stirring comeback victory.

They were on the five yard line. Fourth down. Game on the line. Ryan Tannehill in shotgun formation. Receivers ready to attack the end zone one last offensive play.

And then Jamil Douglas snapped the football. Tannehill caught it.

But no one else on the Dolphins moved.

No one.

Coach Dan Campbell and Tannehill later explained they had a double cadence call, meaning the team would go to the line, give a hard count, then back away to see how the defense reacted before either calling a new play or going with the play called on the next snap count.

Douglas never waited for the second snap count.

And three Indianapolis Colts defenders, seeing the ball snapped prematurely, attacked the quarterback. They sacked Tannehill, collecting one of six sacks on the day.

And game game.

Colts 18.

Dolphins 12.

By the way, the Colts did little damage in the second half. They scored only a field goal in the second half.

And it was enough.