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Interesting things the Dolphins coordinators said on Friday

The Miami Dolphins made their coordinators (fine, Zac Taylor is referred to as the play-caller by the team rather than offensive coordinator) on Friday and here are some notable things they said:

It has been reported that the Miami offense, since the firing reassignment of Bill Lazor is a group-think thing with many people being asked suggestions. Indeed, I reported after Sunday's game the 38-yard touchdown from Ryan Tannehill to DeVante Parker was a player Tannehill wanted in the game plan. Taylor confirmed that.

And Taylor revealed on Thursday that Tannehill wasn't the only player whose opinion was measured.

"I asked for input from other coaches, other players and we were all on the same page throughout the game," Taylor said. "I wouldn’t say that I learned a lot I just think that the staff and players did a good job of executing and communicating during the game and we were able to execute especially in the run game."

The Dolphins passed for 86 yards last week and regardless of how much the team tells you the emphasis was on running the ball ... they only threw for 86 yards and that is not sustainable if Miami expects to win. So what is Taylor going to do to remedy that?

"We’ve got to make sure that we get all those guys involved and get him some good pass opportunities and we’re not just asking [Tannehill] to throw the ball on third down," Taylor said. "Sometimes it’s hard to get a rhythm as a quarterback. We had two drops, missed a few throws and then some of the calls could have been better, there is a collaborative effort. One thing I thought, I thought that the line did a great job. There was really only one miscommunication on a protection on third down where a free runner came through, but other than that those guys really fought. We got what we wanted out of that offensive line and those tight ends blocking in protection, blocking in the run game. It’s just on us to have a great plan and get these receivers involved.”

Taylor said he understands how some people might argue that Tannehill has regressed some this year, based on his statistics and his play. But to those people, Taylor is basically saying they should not believe their lying eyes.

"I don’t feel like he has regressed in any way, shape, or form," Taylor said.


Anyway ...

"I still think he’s making progress," Taylor said. "I’m excited about his future potential and the direction he is headed. He’s becoming a better leader and he really sees the field well. There is no cause for concern. I’m still excited about the things that he does that I see every day in practice and that I see in the games. We just have to find a good rhythm as an offense."

The recent steady improvement from rookie defensive tackle Jordan Phillips coupled with the calf injury to Earl Mitchell led to the rookie starting last week while Mitchell was inactive. But defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo said that when Mitchell is fully healthy he will continue to be the starter because "he's earned that right" but they’re both going to play "the number of plays we have set for them and that won’t change.”

The benching of Jamar Taylor was not a one-week experiment. Indeed, because Bobby McCain played well enough after being a little shaky early in the Baltimore game, the Dolphins are staying McCain ahead of Taylor. That means Taylor is going to have to learn to prepare like he's playing, even when he's not.

"I think obviously when you’re in a situation where things don’t go your way from a playing time standpoint he’s handled it well, he’s still preparing like he’s going to play," Anarumo said. "And each week is different based on the team we’re playing, based on how many wide outs are going to be in the game, based on certain situations. Each week is different and he’s done a good job of preparing to be ready to go and he’s done a good job with that this week too. I know he will be ready to go if called upon."

"If you believe Anarumo, the Dolphins are still trying to figure out how exactly they'll use Brent Grimes on Monday night. Either they'll have him shadow Odell Beckham Jr. or they won't or they'll mix it up.

"We’ve got some things this week that we’re still kicking around a little bit when it comes to that to be quite honest with you," Anarumo said. "I’m not quite sure how we’ll end up doing it, but we’ll have our best guys matched up on them."

Well, it is Saturday, the last day of practice. Monday is coming. It would be good to get it figured out.

Dolphins fans better hope Anarumo was just being coy because waiting until Saturday to tell a player the full extent of his assignment is a little strange.