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The Miko Grimes saga: New epithets, Dan Campbell reaction, and does she have a point amid the vulgarity?

To begin with, this really shouldn't be a story. It shouldn't be a story because it should not be happening. There is no reason that the wife of an NFL team's star defensive player should be publicly bashing the same team's quarterback. Doing so simply makes her, the players involved, and the organization look bad.

And yet, the Miami Dolphins have this very situation on their hands.

And this is a national story. It was picked up by Sporting News, The Big Lead, BlackSportsOnline, and ProFootballTalk. My tweets about this blog post outlining the issues Miko Grimes has with local media, but more importantly, Ryan Tannehill, were retweeted by reporters in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Buffalo and nationally by multiple NFL Network reporters.

And, amazingly, this: The first question to interim coach Dan Campbell at his day-after press conference today was about cornerback Brent Grimes's wife. And the second question was about her. And the third question.

"Any conversation that I have with Brent will be just between us," Campbell said. "I'm going to keep anything that deals with that in house. It's the way I believe."

Well, assuming Campbell addressed this with Grimes, that would mark at least six times the Dolphins have addressed with the player the outlandish, profanity-laced commentary his wife authors on social media. One supposes it would be the first such career chat that involves the fact Miko Grimes is ripping Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill a new one in ways only her mind could conjure.

Here are some samplings previously not published by this blog: 

TannehillcomparedtomartinAnd this:


 Mrs. Grimes asserts in a tweet not published here because it includes her usual vulgarities, that Tannehill "is a bum."

And she also is tweeting at players directly, specifically offensive players, to tell them they "don't deserve this."

And interim coach Dan Campbell's reaction to it all is, he's not too worried about it.

"To be honest with you, I'm not concerned with those things. I'm concerned about the way our guys in our locker room handle their own business with each other," Campbell said. "I'm not worried about outside noise. This is not the first time, to be honest with you, these things have happened. It's quite a story. But it's about how our guys feel in the locker room. You can't listen to all that stuff out there anyway, otherwise it will bog you down."


So this has happened before? Within the Dolphins?

Asking for a friend.

As to how the guys feel within the locker room...That is precisely the point. How do Dolphins players feel within that locker room?

Is Mrs. Grimes venting on behalf of her husband? More importantly, when she states unequivocally that Ryan Tannehill is hated within the Dolphins locker room, is she peeling back the curtain on something that is true? Something she heard from Brent Grimes or other players?

This is kind of important stuff because the Dolphins are invested in Tannehill at least for a couple of more years. Did they invest in a player his teammates "hate?"

This is soap opera stuff that makes fans cringe because they want to believe their team is free from such internal drama. And, frankly, covering it is a bit off-putting because it's not on the field. It's not right in front of everyone's eyes. It's kind of murky. Dirty. 

But, like it or not, it matters because what happens behind the curtain almost always affects what happens on the field. (Anyone debating this should google Dolphins bullygate scandal. That thing helped define and ruin an entire season back in 2013.)

So this matters.

But Campbell is trying pretty aggressively to sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible.

"I've never sensed there's been any animosity or any type disconnect between those two guys [Tannehill and Grimes]," he said. "That'a never been an issue. I still don't think it's an issue. Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Certainly, my wife sometimes thinks different than I do. She has that right."

Yeah, she has a right to think whatever she wishes. But blaring it on social media? In the most vulgar of tones? That is not protected speech. And the Dolphins would certainly have the right to make business decisions based on whether they feel comfortable with what is being said.

Look, this is no longer about someone closely tied to the team having a potty mouth. This is no longer about criticism of the media.

This is about whether or not Mrs. Grimes has a point about Ryan Tannehill that is shared by people within the locker room, as she boldly asserts.

This is about how the Miami Dolphins handle the situation going forward because, frankly, what they've done so far has been an utter failure and an embarrassment to the organization's past.

This is about an NFL team deciding whether to keep a talented player despite knowing his wife will likely continue bringing unwanted attention and distractions to the franchise. Mikoripsqbaboutcoaches

And, mark my words, Mrs. Grimes is unlikely to go quietly into the night. She's got strong opinions about all things Tannehill -- including what his presence will mean to the looming coach search.

This is not right. It should not be happening.