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Stephen Ross fundraising for presidential candidate who isn't winning

You better hope Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross can pick head coaches better than he picks presidential candidates.

That's because Ross and his wife Kara are hosting a fundraising event for failed Republican candidate Jeb Bush on Jan. 25 at their home in Palm Beach.

Bush, the former Florida governor, is not going to be the next president of the United States. He was the presumptive front-runner when he launched his campaign in the summer. He was the best funded candidate of the establishment politicos. He had the name recognition of two presidents -- admittedly a positive for some people and a major negative for others -- but nonetheless an advantage to anyone wanting to be known.

Then Bush started trying to garner votes. And he flopped.

Donald Trump dubbed him "low energy," which stuck. In an environment where millions of people around the country would hate a return to or continuation of the policies of Bush, Clinton and Barack Obama, Bush has often been cornered into defending his family's record. He said, for example, that his brother George W. Bush kept the country safe on his watch.

Except, of course, for Sept. 11, 2001.

Bush has dropped further and faster than any candidate in either party race for the White House.

That's fine, one supposes, because Bush actually said he hated being the frontrunner. "I feel much better back here," Bush said on Face the Nation.

And yet, this is the guy Stephen Ross is picking to raise funds for. At his home.

Ross picked another winner (not really) in 2012 when he backed the failed Mitt Romney campaign.

The amazing thing?

Ross lives in New York City most of the time. He's a real estate developer. I assume he knows Donald Trump, the New York City real estate developer who is running circles around the rest of the GOP field.

Ross owns the Miami Dolphins. And Florida U.S Senator Marco Rubio is an unrepentant Miami Dolphins fan who yearly attends Dolphins training camp practices. He's running in third place in most GOP polls behind Trump and Ted Cruz and is the new presumptive favorite of the Republican establishment.

There's also Hilary Clinton on the other side of the ticket who is the former U.S. Senator from, you guessed it, New York.

Jeb Bush has no chance. The country has decided it has had its fill of the Bush family in the White House.

Stephen Ross hasn't recognized that yet.