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The latest on Dolphins coaching search PLUS a great idea

The Miami Dolphins will continue their head coach search at team headquarters in New York City Tuesday.

The club is scheduled to interview former two-time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan, search point man Mike Tannenbaum said Monday. And Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin also is scheduled to interview.

The schedule the remainder of the week per multiple sources:

Buffalo Bills running back coach Anthony Lynn is scheduled to interview on Wednesday. Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase is scheduled to interview on Thursday.

Dolphins interim coach Dan Campbell, who had a 5-7 record during his stint, is scheduled to interview on Friday.

That will round out a week that included former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith's interview on Monday.

Assistant coaches under contract to playoff clubs that have byes in the Wild Card games may be interviewed for head coaching positions through the conclusion of those games Jan. 11. That means New England's Josh McDaniels and New England's Matt Patricia must interview this Saturday or Sunday if they wish to be considered immediately. Mike Shula is also on a team with a bye but apparently he has told people he's not interested in interviewing for any position until the Carolina Panthers are done playing.

Assistant coaches whose teams lost in the wild card round can obviously interview at any point next week. But assistant coaches under contract to a team that won wild card games can be interviewed through the conclusion of divisional playoff games January 17. That can affect someone such as Cincinnati's Hue Jackson, who the Dolphins have asked permission to interview.

If you look at this list of candidates, which is perhaps not complete because the Dolphins do not confirm candidates until after they interview, it confirms what Tannenbaum said when he mentioned exploring various types of men with vastly different experiences.

There are former head coaches in the field, such as Smith, Doug Marrone and Shanahan.

There are coordinators in the field, such as Austin (defensive), McDaniels (offensive), Patricia (defensive), Jackson (offensive) and Gase (offensive).

There is a position coach in Lynn. (John Harbaugh, who I think is a pretty great head coach, was a position coach before he got the Baltimore job).

But I find it interesting there are no stars. And definitely no superstars.

Chip Kelly was vacationing in Key West recently. The Dolphins have shown no interest best I can figure.

Sean Payton has signaled he's ready to jump from New Orleans and the asking price is a No. 2 draft pick. The Dolphins, you'll remember, talked to me about giving up two No. 3s instead. But either Payton isn't interested in them or they aren't interested in him or both, based on what has transpired so far.

And I simply find it hard to believe Stephen Ross is going to be fine without at least making a pitch for a big-name talent. By the way, Ross is in New York. The Dolphins search committee is now in New York. What just happened in New York on Monday? What important NFL coaching story just shook Gotham?

Thinking ....

Oh yeah, Tom Coughlin stepped down as the New York Giants head coach at age 69. He didn't want to. This was Coughlin seeing the writing on the wall (Book of Daniel for you heathens) and beating a graceful retreat instead of waiting to be fired. But he still wants to coach. And far-fetched as this sounds, why wouldn't the Dolphins talk to the guy?

He's in New York. They're in New York. The Dolphins are all about New York!!!!

Yes, Coughlin is going to be 70 soon enough. So hiring him would not be a five-year fix.

But here's the thing: This year's crop of coaching talent is "horrible," as one league source told me Sunday. Another called it, "weak." It is especially bad if Payton doesn't want to come to Miami (that's my guess of what this is about).

So here is a crazy, out-of-the-box idea: The Dolphins interview Coughlin. And they interview everyone else they are considering. And if Coughlin still has his fastball, I go with Coughlin.

As long as he lets Campbell be on his staff -- kind of as the coach in waiting. This will require Campbell to also nail his interview, by the way.

Anyway, you hire Coughlin, you know he's going to be able to put together a strong staff because he's Tom freakin' Coughlin. And putting together a strong staff is a major consideration for the Dolphins. And you know he's going to be able to give you that much-needed culture change Ross said Sunday was needed because you're letting him loose on a locker room that badly needs it for a couple of years. And Coughlin has worked all his Giants career with a strong GM so he's not going to moan about Tannenbaum having major say over personnel decisions.

And in a couple of years when Coughlin is ready to step away, the culture has been changed, and perhaps Campbell is ready ...


Smooth transition.

Or perhaps in 2018 when the Dolphins are ready to move on, the available coaching talent is better than the pool the Dolphins are diving into this year.

Sound far-fetched? No more far-fetched than considering Anthony Lynn a serious candidate.