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Miami Dolphins, Cameron Wake not on same page over contract

The idea that the Miami Dolphins want to keep Cameron Wake, and indeed extend his contract for one or two more years, took a significant hit before and during the Indianapolis Combine when the team and Wake's agent formerly discussed the subject.

According to a source familiar with the exchange, the discussions have not gone well.

The discussions apparently did not start well as the parties were way, way far apart even conceptually of what was about to happen.

The Dolphins, apparently were trying to significantly cut Wake's scheduled cap number of $9.8 million for 2016. Wake expected that, but also expected some sort of in-kind gesture that would not result in an actual cut in salary and indeed would include an increase in money he is guaranteed, thus insuring his future with the Dolphins.

The difference between those two positions became a divide that has not been bridged as of this morning.

And, per the source, the differences in how to get the deal done is significant. 

So Wake currently has one year left on his contract and is scheduled to make $8.275 million in base salary on the deal. At age 34, his future in Miami beyond this year is uncertain. The Dolphins, meanwhile, are about to carry the $9.8 million cap figure they were hoping to trim.

No one is getting what they want. At this stage, the parties are expected to do nothing further and instead live with the fact Wake will play out the final year of his contract. It is possible the Dolphins decide to cut Wake or try to trade him, but that is more an option than a likelihood.

With the possibility (strong likelihood) Olivier Vernon, the team's transition player, will get an offer in free agency the Dolphins will not match, and Wake and the Dolphins not seeing eye-to-eye on a plan for the defensive end going forward, the defensive end spot becomes a major, major issue for the Dolphins this offseason.