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Miami Dolphins players ensured guaranteed money; No offseason title for team this year

Today is the fifth day of the NFL 2016 league year. That doesn't mean games but it does mean gains for several Miami Dolphins players.

As part of their contracts, several Miami Dolphins players see guarantees kick in today -- as a way of forcing the team to show its hand that it plans to keep the players or let them go by today.

The Dolphins are keeping Mike Pouncey, Branden Alber and Ryan Tannehill.

Pouncey on Sunday had his entire $9 million 2016 base salary and $2 million of his $7.95 million base salary for 2017 become fully guaranteed today.

Albert on Sunday had $6 million of his $8.42 million base salary in 2016 become fully guaranteed.

And Tannehill had $3.5 million of this $17.975 million base salary for 2017 become fully guaranteed.


It has been a busy weekend for the Dolphins. They hosted quarterback Brandon Weeden, defensive end Jason Jones, linebacker Sean Spence all visit. And all left after their visits without contracts. The team is giving all of them the once-over as backup possibilities.

Not exactly free agency shopping at Sak's, right?

Well, as I explain in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins have apparently learned that making the big free agency splash is not any sort of guarantee for winning.

I give you some interesting factoids about what free agency did for other teams last year relative to great players coming on their roster. I outline for you the new direction the Dolphins are headed.

It means the Dolphins are not going to win the NFL offseason championship this year. That seems headed to the New York Giants.

I"m fine with that.