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Miami Dolphins may take another run at Cameron Wake restructure

You'll recall that the Miami Dolphins and the representation for Cameron Wake got together in late January and February and held talks to restructure the Pro Bowl defensive end's contract.

And you'll recall the process didn't exactly get off to a rousing start.

And you'll recall the end results were not what the Dolphins wanted and did not compare favorably with what was happening at other NFL stops.

So today, as at the end of the 2015 season, Wake's scheduled cap value for 2016 is $9.8 million. And that is simply too high for a 34-year-old player coming off a season-ending Achilles rupture last October -- one who may not be 100 percent at the start of training camp and may not be a full time player early on during the 2016 season or perhaps ever again.

But, according to a team source, the failure inability to come to terms with Wake on a restructure, that may or may not have included a request for a salary cut, may not be the last word on the subject. The Dolphins have not closed the door at taking another run at this issue in order to exact a cap savings from Wake this year which they can, per NFL cap rules, carry over to next year if it helps the team achieve a cap surplus at the end of 2016.

So the Dolphins don't feel the book on this matter is necessarily closed.

What does that mean?

Well, the team might try to work with Wake again just prior to or just after the draft. That could help the team gain cap space for the post May 12 run at a couple of free agents the Dolphins might decide to purse. The Dolphins had $19.9 million in salary cap space as of Monday, per the NFL Players Association so it's not like they are hurting and need the savings.

But it is merely good stewardship to try to save where possible and, again, the Wake deal, which is in its final year, begs addressing.

In my opinion, it is more likely the Dolphins wait until just before the end of training camp to try to adjust the contract again. Remember, base salaries are guaranteed if a player is on the 53-man roster the first week of the season so that is kind of the deadline the Dolphins have if they still wish to work some sort of pay cut into the formula.

If, however, by that time they have seen that Wake is back to his old self (or safely on that arc) based on practices and perhaps some snaps in the preseason (late in the preseason, mind you) then they might want to take the route of trimming the cap number by maybe adding a year or two to Wake's contract and guaranteeing money that would be guaranteed the first week of the season anyway.

The point is the team wants to squeeze whatever savings it can out of whatever contracts it can. And just because it was unable to do that with Cameron Wake's contract months ago, doesn't mean it won't try to get that done months in the future.