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Pats and Dolphins trade...It doesn't go well for Miami

Trades among teams within the same division are rare in the NFL because, well, teams don't like to potentially help improve their most direct competition.

But today the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins got on the phone and exchanged picks -- the Dolphins ceding to New England their fifth rounder (147th overall) in exchange for two sixths- (196 and 204 overall) and a seventh-rounder (250th overall) this year.

And that's fine. The Dolphins wanted to add bodies, I guess. The Patriots apparently had a player in mind they wanted to select in the fifth round.

Except the Patriots turned around and dealt their newly acquired pick to Seattle. The Patriots gave up that fifth-rounder they just got from Miami in exchange for a seventh-rounder this year ...

...And a fourth-rounder next year.

So instead of staying put and possibly adding a fourth-rounder next year, the Dolphins see their division rivals use their slot to add a fourth rounder next year.

The Dolphins, I suppose, will say two sixths and a seventh this year are more valuable than a seventh this year and a fourth-rounder next year.

No. No, it is not.

A fourth-rounder is better than a sixth or even two sixths.

Remember that the Dolphins traded away their third and fourth rounders next year already, plus a sixth this year, to move into the third round to pick receiver Leonte Carroo. Remember that Miami was crowing about getting a fourth-rounder next year for the loss of starting running back Lamar Miller.

And yet they have missed the opportunity to add such a pick because they traded with Bill Belichick instead.

Note to the Dolphins: If your phone is ringing and the caller ID says Belichick, don't pick up. If someone in your draft room says, "Hey, let's call Belichick and see if we can swap picks with him," escort that person out.