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Miami Dolphins: 'Zero' concerns about Laremy Tunsil's ankles

Miami Dolphins brass were not just puzzled but borderline angry over a Bleacher Report, um, report that first round draft pick Laremy Tunsil has a pre-arthritic ankle condition which caused some teams to back away from him on draft day.

And so the team made that clear (to me) privately on Thursday morning and then much more publicly on local radio WQAM-560 in the afternoon.

I was told the team was a bit frustrated that Tunsil was being portrayed as a player with multiple issues when, according to sources, the recent issue about the ankle really isn't one.

Asked if there is concern about the ankle on the radio, general manager Mike Tannenbaum publicly pushed back against the crux of the report.

"None. Zero," Tannenbaum said. "He's full go. He's fine. We never had concerns about his ankle."

While the team is not doubting someone around the NFL might be saying things about Tunsil's ankle, the team tells me it is completely comfortable with the situation and even pointed to the fact Tunsil -- who was highly scrutinized by multiple teams atop the draft was never mentioned as having any sort of ankle issue.

Tunsil also was not asked to return to Indianapolis for a re-check of his combine physical -- often a sign teams have lingering questions about a player's particular health issues.

Doubtless, there are other issues that Tunsil must settle. Read about those here and here.

But a previously unreported ankle injury is not one of them, according to the team.