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Arian Foster not playing vs. Giants; Dink and Dunk Dolphins? PLUS a ton of other Dolphins notes

The Miami Dolphins final practice before their 2016 preseason opener against the New York Giants is in the books and this is what's happening at this hour:

Coach Adam Gase has talked with running back Arian Foster and informed him he's not playing against the Giants Friday night. The coach will speak with multiple signature veterans in the next few hours about their status for Friday and decide whether or not to play them.

Chances are good some accomplished veterans, mostly on defense, won't be playing. I don't see why Cameron Wake, coming off a ruptured Achilles injury and surgery last October, should play in a meaningless game so early in the preseason.

Thus proving what?

Gase said he's not spoken to Wake about the topic so he wouldn't say whether Wake will play or not. As for Foster ...

"I have a certain way about treating running backs that have played for a while," Gase said. "I don't like them taking unnecessary hits ... I just want to be smart.

"I think I'm just going to go by feel," the coach added about how he'll make playing time decisions for this game. "I have a better idea as far as how the defense will go. On the offense it's [about having] chemistry of just playing and practicing. Being on the same page. Ryan [Tannehill] and myself being on the same page, being able to communicate. We probably need to try to play a little more in the preseason ... You never know what's going to happen. You always have a number in mind and then things can change."

Gase said that, at least for this game, the defensive starters probably won't be playing a long time but "younger guys, maybe even younger starters" might get more work than established veterans. The offense is likely going to play longer -- whatever amount the coach decides but there's no one other than Foster who will definitely sit out.

That might be because the offense needs more work than the defense at this point. Gase said he feels "light years better" about the offense now than he did after the debacle of a scrimmage Saturday.

"We needed to go through that," he said. "We needed to go through it when just about everything possible could have gone wrong. Somebody screwed up on every play. And we're second-and-20 and then third-and-17. So that probably needed to happen. And then guys kind of stepped back and realized, 'hey, If I'm just doing my job, then things will work out.'"

Here's a little media inside look at the press box. While the Dolphins are practicing today, I'm up in the press box arguing with several of my media brethren at other outlets about the Miami offense. They were arguing that the Miami offense is a dink and dunk offense.

I was arguing that the NFL is a dink and dunk league and there's nothing wrong with the Miami offensive philosophy.

There was also discussion about Ryan Tannehill where I found myself having to defend the Dolphins QB despite the fact I recognize he has not been a star his first four years. He has room to improve, folks. I've said that. I continue to say that. But I don't dismiss him as a substandard QB as some in the media do. I believe he can still grow into something better, unlike some in the media.

I share this because the issue of dinking and dunking on offense came up in the press conference today.  And Gase seemed to get up on his haunches a little bit when he was asked if he's content throwing short even in practice.

"I'm fine with it," Gase said, his brows furrowing. "I'm the one scripting plays and calling plays, so I'm obviously fine with it. There's a time and place for it. But there's also a time and place not to get sacked 60 times in a year, too."


"The whole league is 10 yards and under," Gase added later. "That's how it is. Nobody's going down the field like that. There's one team that does it, really. Maybe two -- Pittsburgh and Arizona. They hold on to the ball instead of check it down the field. But more teams than not, it's 10 yards and under. That's where all the passing game is. But if you want to stand back there and have your quarterback have his brains beat out, then go at it."

The Dolphins signed Chris Culliver to a one-year deal last night and this morning the team placed him on the active physically unable to perform list, as I shared with you as part of the backstory of his signing.

 "I like the fact we went out and added depth to that position," Gase said. "Armando's happy so that's all that matters."

I'll be happier when I see rookie Xavien Howard in his first practice and we get a clearer direction about, you know, whether he's any good or not. But regardless, the Dolphins have indeed added a handful of corners this year who are long and will cause some quarterbacks some problems.

Culliver, who is 6-foot, told the media he wants to get on the field working within "the next couple of weeks" but seemed vague about whether that is actual practice or not.

"Everything going well right now, taking my time, learning the defense," Culliver said. "I'm just taking my time and I'm progressing."

Culliver said "you'll see me out there soon" and wants to compete for a starting job.

Culliver fits the Dolphins defense in that he wants to do play what the Dolphins want to play: Press. Cover One.

"He wants to get up, he wants to press, he wants to play that man-to-man coverage," Gase said. "That's what we are. We're an attacking style defense and our corners have a lot of pressure on them to cover and he's a guy who can do that."