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Dolphins back to work Sunday: Cameron needs rebuild

Adam Gase is a builder. (He better be because he was hired to build this fallen franchise).

The Miami Dolphins head coach comes to his first year with the organization with a reputation for building and rebuilding. He helped build up Peyton Manning from a player who had no feeling in fingers on his throwing hand to a quarterback playing at the top of his Pro Football Hall of Fame career and throwing 55 touchdown passes.

He helped rebuild Jay Cutler from a player who didn't seem to have fun playing to a different guy within the Bears organization last year. He is so far rebuilding quarterback Ryan Tannehill, empowering him in the new Dolphins offense and making him feel invested in the results. He has spent a lot of time rebuilding Kenny Stills from a player that seemed at times disconnected from the rest of the team and his work last season, his first in Miami, to a player who arrives to work early and leaves late and talks incessantly about team and leadership.

(Both Tannehill and Stills had outstanding preseason games against the Dallas Cowboys Friday night).

Now Gase has to do something about building up tight end Jordan Cameron.

Cameron, in his sixth NFL season, has the potential to be a fine NFL tight end. I've seen it. I saw what he did to the Dolphins in that 2013 regular season opener. He caught nine passes for 108 yards that day. And that wasn't his best game that season.

But Cameron has the look of a player needing to be built up now.

He has the look of a player either lacking in confidence or worrying too much about the results.

Cameron needs to be reminded to trust the process of playing his position. Trust his abilities. Trust his training. Trust that if he handles that business, the results will come.

That's not how he's playing now.

Cameron struggled in the offseason. He struggled early in camp. And Friday against Dallas he had an almost certain TD catch from Tannehill on a short slant in the red zone. But he juggled and dropped it.

And he didn't seem to recover strong after that -- another sign he needs a confidence boost.

So this week of practice, which starts Sunday afternoon for the Dolphins, could be pivotal for Cameron.

Gase's offense is tight ends friendly. Cameron can be a good tight end.

Somewhere between those two sentences much work needs to be done so that both are true in 2016.