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Dolphins get into a few scrapes in practice today ... awesome!

Miami Dolphins social media was alight this morning because this practice, on the last day of training camp, featured three fights among the players.

And I get it.

It doesn't serve a purpose if someone gets injured. It doesn't make the team's discipline better because if you play the way you practice, you're going to lose your cool in a game the way you lost it in practice. And that's a no-no. But forgive me if I have testosterone and understand that football players have much more testosterone than me (and you) and sometimes things get heated.

I want a team with some fight in it.

I want players that have an edge to them and bring that edge to practice.

I understand that Bill Belichick has a no-tolerance policy for fights in dual practices with other teams. And I know he's a great coach. But the Dolphins were practicing amongst themselves Wednesday.

So when Jarvis Landry got to talking smack when he beat Bobby McCain, yeah, McCain didn't dig that. And it escalated.

"We're not going to take crap," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

And I think that is good.

I think it would be much more troubling if the Dolphins didn't have any occasional scrapes. Then it would be time to worry.

The Dolphins agree ...

It's not a thing, folks.

Some people will turn practice fights into an issue. Me, too!

It's a good issue.