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Jarvis Landry: Respect for Richard Sherman but not going to avoid him

Richard Sherman is perhaps the best cornerback in the NFL. Can we agree on that?

If you ask him, the Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowl player might say he's the best cornerback in the NFL. He's accomplished (26 career interceptions). He's still in his prime (age 27). He's a student of the game.

And Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry respects all that. But the Dolphins receiver isn't necessarily afraid of that.

"He's definitely a premier corner in this league," Landry said Monday afternoon before the Dolphins began preparation for Sunday's regular-season opener at Seattle. "He's definitely a guy that we respect but that we're definitely not going to shy away from. Just having the opportunity to compete against a guy like that, man, I know it's something this offense and this receiving corps looks forward to."

Not shy away from Sherman? Actually, that is exactly what a lot of teams have done to avoid having problems throwing the football. That might be the reason Sherman's interception numbers have decreased each of the past two seasons -- from eight in 2012 and '13 to four in 2014 and only two last season.

That doesn't seem to bother or worry Landry.

"I mean, for me, man, I want to win. I'm a competitor," he said. "You know, so regardless of who the guy is, we're there to win. Period."'