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Mario Williams not good but not a drama problem, either

Mario Williams came to the Dolphins a year after his time in Buffalo ended in failure and drama.

The failure happened because Williams didn't seem to fit into Rex Ryan's defense and his statistics suffered -- either because he wasn't a fit or simply lost something. The drama came when Williams began discussing his situation and making no secret of the fact he was unhappy and wasn't. There was also some drama when teammates recognized Williams wasn't exactly trying very hard.

Well, Williams is with the Dolphins now and his experiencing failure again. But Wednesday it became clear we're not at the drama stage at all -- at least not publicly.

Williams, who has only one sack among his six solo tackles in six games, was benched last game. But he's not ripping anyone over the situation.

“By all means I’ve got to get better with all regardless, not even talking about whether I'm starting or not," Williams said Wednesday. "You’ve just got to better and I think each and every one of us have to do the same. Each and every one of us  we still have a lot of work to do, still have a lot of rhythm to catch up with, with situations in the pass game, run game, whatnot. I think everybody would say the same thing."

It was something of a surprise when Williams didn't start last week but Williams wasn't shocked.

“No, because that had been … it’s an open locker room for us," he said. "We’ve already talked about different ways to get guys spark or get guys going, try to manage snaps, things like that. The first five games it was pretty heavy on the defense as far as the amount of snaps and things like that … no, it wasn’t a surprise."

So does Williams want to get back in the starting lineup? Sure. Does he expect to keep coming off the bench?

“I have no idea," he said. "It’s just whatever the coaches say as far as schematically or the amount of plays or whatever. It’s not my call."

Question after question on Wednesday gave Williams the forum and the opportunity to become an issue. Williams was even served up a chance to rip the Bills and he declined.

“Nah, no, because I’m here, I’m in Miami<" Williams said. "That’s not something that I speak about. Stop playing, man.”

This is good. There is nothing worse than a player who is not performing also becoming a malcontent or locker room problem.

Williams isn't playing well. But the situation isn't full fledged Buffalo bad at this point because ... no drama.