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Miami Dolphins going back to London in 2017

The Miami Dolphins are going back to London in 2017.

I am being told the Dolphins have been selected by the NFL to play a game in London next season, marking the fourth time overall and third time in four years the Dolphins play in the United Kingdom.

The Dolphins will host the New Orleans Saints. 

No date, time or venue (the NFL used two different venues this year) has been set.

Miami is hosting the game as per the resolution approved by the clubs at the October 2014 NFL meeting that stated teams making a successful bid to host a Super Bowl would be required to host an international game within five years of the their successful bid.

 So, no, last year's Dolphins game in which they hosted the Jets in London did not count toward that Super Bowl bid deal. Next year's game will.

The Dolphins will thus have seven home game in South Florida next year. I am told season ticket holders will be charged for only those seven regular season games plus two preseason games rather than the usual eight and two.

The Dolphins and NFL have confirmed my report.

It's a good bet Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will embrace his team going to London again because he believes hosting Super Bowls is a major attraction for South Florida both economically and from a prestige perspective.

It is unclear how the Dolphins coaching staff and particularly coach Adam Gase will view this news. Gase has been lobbying to get home games early in the year at Hard Rock to take advantage of the hot Miami weather as an advantage against opponents.

It's pretty obvious that losing a home game isn't what Gase would pick if he had a choice. My guess, however, is he'll be a good soldier and, well, grin and bear it.