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New uniforms and alternate uniforms will remain the same -- for now

Since the Dolphins donned their alternate "throwback" uniforms in last Sunday's victory over the Buffalo Bills, fans have been constantly asking me about the possibility of using that uniform the rest of the season.

That, uniform, by the way is a replica of the uniform the expansion Dolphins wore their fledgling season in 1966.

And the same fans and many, many more who asked me about the alternate unis also asked Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel. He's been flooded with requests to shelve the new uniforms, first instituted in 2013, and go with the 1966 uniforms.

But that is not going to happen.

Because the NFL will not allow it.

The Dolphins are required by league rules to keep their current uniforms for a number of years and they are still within that time period. Moreover, any change to the current uniform would require prior notice years in advance.

The alternate uniform also will not change for a period of time. It was debuted last year on the team's 50th anniversary season but was planned as early 2013.

The alternate can be worn only two times per year, per NFL uniform rules.

So the fans that want the change to the '66 unis aren't going to get the change they wanted anytime soon. But they will likely see that popular uniform once more this season -- if the Dolphins are smart and want to please their fans.

Whether that throwback look becomes the next generation Dolphins uniform change at some future date has yet to be decided. That will be largely up to owner Stephen Ross, Garfinkel and whatever apparel company is doing their uniform in the future.