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Salguero on the run defense, the putrid offense, regression from a year ago, being wrong and Dolphins' Tunsil lie

I was wrong. I wrote last week this Miami Dolphins' season could be salvaged. How foolish I have been. 

There is no saving this season if the Dolphins continue to do what they have done the first five games, namely, they don't score on offense and cannot stop the run on defense.

That is a deadly combination that will kill any season.

And that is where this Dolphins season is headed. That 1-4 hole the team has dug? It's really a grave.

There will be no climbing out of it if the Dolphins cannot score more than one touchdown a game. The Dolphins are 28th in the NFL, averaging 17.8 points per game. They scored 17 points against Tennessee on Sunday. Except one of those touchdowns was on a punt return.

The Miami offense scored one TD against the Titans. The Miami offense scored one TD against Cincinnati the week before. The Miami offense scored one TD against Seattle in the opener.

An offense that scores one touchdown per game is putrid.

The Miami defense? It has more holes than a dam constructed of random twigs by a beaver. The Dolphins have the worst run defense in the NFL. (Actually that is an assumption. The Dolphins had the 29th rated run defense entering Sunday's game and then allowed 235 rushing yards. So I'm assuming no other defense was as inept against the run as Miami's was Sunday and that will sink them to last.)

Anyway, the Dolphins are supposed to have this great defensive front. Yeah, not so much. A couple of linebackers -- Koa Misi and Jelani Jenkins -- are often hurt as they were Sunday thus unavailable for duty. There are gaps up the middle that Ndamukong Suh, getting double-teamed most of the day, cannot fill. There is a problem setting the edge. There are a couple of players, with Byron Maxwell being one, that are either atrocious or unwilling tacklers.

And the result is ...

Big plays in the running game. The running game!

The Titans had runs of -- ready for this? -- 22 yards, 27 yards, 11 yards, 19 yards, 14 yards, 13 yards, and 12 yards. That's not a ground game, that's a paper shredder with the Miami defense playing the role of the paper.

Cannot win like that in the NFL. Impossible.

I wrote my column today about Adam Gase saying Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback the remainder of the season and what that means and why he said it. Please check it out.

But, honestly, 27-year-old Dan Marino could do nothing about a defense that gives up 235 rushing yards. Indeed, he had that kind of defense when he played and that's why he often went home with an L after playing Buffalo back in the day.

As to the offense scoring only one TD a game, well, Marino could do something about that. But unfortunately a 27-year-old Dan Marino isn't walking through those doors.

And so this season is irredeemable. Thinking otherwise makes me a hopeful but unthinking loon.

One more thing: The 2015 Dolphins were 1-3 and went to Tennessee after a bye and beat the Titans by 28 points.

The 2016 Dolphins were 1-3 and hosted Tennessee after a mini-bye and got beat, 30-17.

In Cuba, where I was born, there is a word for such things ...


One final thing: The Dolphins announced 90 minutes prior to kickoff Sunday that starting left guard/tackle Laremy Tunsil injured himself while preparing for the game.

That was a lie.

WINZ's Andy Slater first reported Tunsil injured his ankle in the shower of the team hotel before he ever got to Hard Rock Stadium Sunday afternoon.

He wasn't preparing for the game. He was showering. And apparently he fell.

And the Dolphins, recognizing how odd that seems, obviously tried to cover for their rookie first round draft pick by concocting some "preparing for the game" narrative. That was pregame. After the game, coach Adam Gase was more sophisticated in the manner he avoided explaining what happened.

“He was getting ready for the game," Gase said. "I’m still kind of sorting everything out right now. We’re trying to get ready for (the game) and all of a sudden he lets you know that he’s not going to be able to go so we had to make some quick adjustments."

Yeah, that's parsing words. When a coach tells you a player was "getting ready for the game," no one expects that to mean the player was showering before heading over to the stadium. You expect that will have something to do with warming up or doing something of an athletic nature.

It's really disappointing the Dolphins decided to turn what was an unfortunate accident into a mini cover-up.

For what? Why? In hopes of sparing Tunsil, who was drafted after appearing in an infamous gasmask bong video, some minor embarrassment?

I saw this team play on Sunday. The Dolphins have bigger embarrassments they should be more eager to cover up instead.