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Dolphins minds meeting to figure out where this team goes next

This time away from game action is a time for the Dolphins to get better.

No, not on the field. On the roster more than anything.

Coach Adam Gase, general manager Chris Grier and executive vice president for football operations Mike Tannenbaum will have multiple meetings of the minds before the team gathers again next week. And in those meetings the men will set roster plans for coming out of the bye.

"We’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of days reevaluating everything, and we got the rest of this week (to) try to make a decision by Tuesday as far as what our roster is going to look like going forward," Gase said Wednesday. "We have decisions to make, especially with the PUP (physically unable to perform) guys.

"That’s going to come quick, and we’re going to have to make a decision in that area as well (about) roster spots. Who moves in? Who moves out? Do we get through next week completely healthy? I mean there are a lot of things that can happen here over the next 13, 12 days. We’re going to have to make some moves to try to make sure that we feel like our roster is good going forward."

One such decision was already made Wednesday afternoon. Defensive tackle Julius Warmsley was cut.


(Because Salguero hopes the team is going to sign running back Karlos Williams off the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad).

Fine, so not likely given that it is a bold move. It is a risky move, given Miami's lack of familiarity with a player who was suspended earlier this year. And since I suggested it, it will dismissed out of hand because I don't know anything.

(Except I was right about Daniel Thomas not being good enough).

(I was right about Dallas Thomas last year, let alone this year).

(I was right about Billy Turner as a tackle).

(I was right when I told you Laremy Tunsil would be a starter and at guard when others were wondering where on Earth he fit in).

(I was right about the Dolphins needing to be concerned  about their cornerbacks).

(I was right back in August about my offensive line).

(I was right about the offense taking until November to figure things out -- ok, maybe I was off by a week or 10 days).

(I was right about the team still being able to salvage the season when it was 1-3 and folks were jumping ship).

(I was right about Cameron Wake making no sense playing 15 plays a game).

Hey, it's the bye week folks. I'm taking stock.

Anyway, let's just say Karlos Williams is talented and I think football teams should add talent whenever they can.

In two weeks, Earl Mitchell will be ready to come back off injured reserve so the Dolphins will be fine with a player who hasn't been active lately until then. But I don't know if the Dolphins are going to leave the spot Warmsley just vacated for Mitchell. My guess is the team will do something in the interim.

Maybe the team needs another tight end because Jordan Cameron still has not been cleared to practice since suffering his concussion and is still not close to playing because the team isn't going to let him on the field until he is 100 percent.

Maybe there's another move to be made at running back with someone not named Karlos Williams to fill the vacancy left by Arian Foster's retirement.

Maybe Karlos Williams gets signed.

MIAMI DOLPHINS? Are you reading this? Karlos Williams. Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad.

On the PUP front that Gase mentioned, the player the team is most looking forward to add is cornerback Chris Culliver. Apparently he got through his first week of practice well enough. The next step when the team returns next week is to put him into team drills.

And then play him. He knows the system because he's been here since August. So it isn't about that. It's about being comfortable enough that he is physically able to contribute on game days before putting him on the roster.

Once you see him on the roster, it won't be long before he's starting.

Back to running back. The Dolphins have to figure out where Karlos Williams fits in. OK, kidding. The Dolphins have to figure out the roles for Damien Williams and Kenyan Drake going forward.

My sense is because Gase has a very high regard for Williams, he might be the first guy off the bench. But remember, Williams is a big contributor on special teams, so he probably can't be carrying the ball a dozen times. But half-a-dozen? I guess that's doable.

Drake seems more suited for two or three carries designed to pop him outside in space. He might also be a pass catching threat as long as the team doesn't ask him to do too much in pass protection. Yes, there are ways to mitigate the responsibility.

Of course, there's always Karlos Williams.

Have I mentioned him?