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Titans beat Dolphins: Most discouraging win in long time

I have just witnessed the most discouraging and depressing Miami Dolphins loss in a long time.

The Tennessee Titans, a team that was so awful last year it had the first overall pick of the draft in April, came into Hard Rock Stadium and kicked the Dolphins' collective butts.

The 30-17 score was not indicative of how awful the Dolphins looked and played.

They showed no fight on defense.

They had no answers or apparent plan on offense.

And they combined this with a lack of discipline and poise the likes of which have not been seen around here in a while.

The Titans steamrolled Miami's defense with 235 rushing yards. DeMarco Murray gained 121 yards on 27 carries. Quarterback Marcus Mariota and reserve tailback Derrick Henry added over 114 yards more.

Mariota, by the way, looked like Steve Young today. He threw three touchdown passes without an interception. He came into the game with four touchdowns and five interceptions.

Yes, the Dolphins defense was terrible.

But the offense tried not to be outdone. The Dolphins scored one TD on offense. One.

They scored one last week against Cincinnati. They scored one against Seattle in the opener.

One touchdown per game is horrible, my friends. I don't have to tell you that. Something is broken here and doesn't seen to be getting better right now.

Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times and that was bad. But it was worse than expected knowing the Dolphins would be coming into the game with a backup left guard and left tackle.  Three of those sacks came when it became obvious the Dolphins were simply going to throw to try to make a comeback. The Titans teed off on Tannehill.

Tannehill also threw two interceptions.

So what now? I have no idea. This season is a trainwreck already.