June 11, 2012

Practice notes and Philbin confirms Chad workout

Not much news out of today's Oranized Team Activity except that Joe Philbin a) isn't happy with the number of drops from the Dolphins receivers and b) confirmed they've already worked out Chad Ochocinco.

"It was recent," Philbin chuckled when asked about timing.

I'd take that to mean early this morning. If Brian Hartline's injury that's caused him to miss OTA time turns out to be more than a minor calf problem, then the Dolphins might have a hard look at signing Miami Beach High graduate Chad.

Cornerback Richard Marshall stayed on the sidelines with the groin injury suffered May 29, but Vontae Davis was back taking regular reps.

Running back Reggie Bush said his absence from the May 29 OTA was excused and caused by a family matter.

For more news and notes on today's practice - including quarterback stuff - click on Barry Jackson's sports buzz blog to the right of this one.  He has a new post up.

April 21, 2011

Ireland's assignment is simple really -- make a difference

Jeff Ireland will conduct his 2011 pre-draft presser (as ordered by NFL rules) today and I will be certain to look beneath his footwear to check for a net. I'm pretty certain I will not find one, but for journalism's sake one has to confirm things.

I want to confirm Ireland is indeed operating in this draft without the Bill Parcells net under him.

This draft, you see, Ireland's on his own. It's his baby and his alone. To him goes the glory if things work out. To him goes the ignominy if things don't.

This draft will be different for the Dolphins in that there can be no rewrite of history when or if things go wrong. The Pat White draft pick, for example, was pretty much an orphan for quite some time until the last three months when I got Ireland and Parcells to took responsibility for the mistake on the record -- Ireland on my radio show, Parcells in a column I wrote last week.Jeff ireland one

No big deal, but I think that kind of set the record straight.

Parcells is still proud of the Jake Long pick and doesn't deem it a mistake but he understands, he also told me, if some folks think Matt Ryan would have been the better selection. The Big Tuna has also told me that in the spring of 2008 he sent Dan Henning, Tony Sparano and Ireland to Ann Arbor (to see Chad Henne), to Delaware (to see Joe Flacco) and to Boston (to see Ryan) and everyone came back saying Henne was every bit as good as the other two. 

So again, responsibility goes where responsibility goes -- on the entire organization.

Now the responsibility belongs to Ireland. As it should be. No more shadows behind curtains. No more masters jostling puppet strings. We're not in Oz anymore.

Jeff Ireland is the man and he will get from fans whatever his picks bring him -- credit or contempt.

But, I wonder, what is your confidence level he's ready? Are you anxious whether he can avoid mistakes that would not be made if Parcells were here? Are you excited he might make more bold moves now that Parcells is gone?

My view?

There can be no doubt Ireland has an approach that is his own. I hope he does, anyway, because he is an individual rather than a clone of his mentor. He's younger than Parcells which suggests he might be bolder but also comes with the caution that he might not be wiser. Jeff and bill

I do not predict he will depart from precepts Parcells taught him. He'll pick prototype guys or try to, anyway. He'll want big guys. He'll especially want fast guys in this draft. He'll try to stay away from troublemakers.

I hope he is desperate. I hope he comes to this draft ready to go for the end zone rather than settle for field goals. I've had enough of field goals. I saw too many field goals the past couple of seasons. I want picks that will prove themselves to be touchdowns!

Think about it: The Dolphins have been good at drafting the past three years. Assuming Jared Odrick does get healthy and back on the field and becomes productive, the last three years brought outstanding to solid picks, with Long being outstanding and Vontae Davis representing solid.

The second round has brought satisifaction (Sean Smith) and disappointment (White) and a still hung jury in the court of public opinion (Chad Henne). Later rounds have had both good and bad picks.

So the work is worthy of a C-plus, in my opinion. 

That's because there has been no awe inspiring pick. There has been no take-your-breath-away, give-that-personnel man-a-prize selection. Not one Dolphins pick the past three years has been a game-changer. Not one Dolphins pick the past three years has brought a player other teams must game-plan around or for. Long isn't that because, by definition, left tackles can only change the course of a game by screwing up. They do not change the course of games when they merely do their jobs.

Davis has not been a game-changer. Smith hasn't although had he caught his six potential interceptions a year ago that he dropped, he might have reached that plateau. Odrick hasn't gotten a chance. Henne hasn't been a game-changer in any consistent or confidence-building manner. Anyone else?


Ireland needs to find a game changer this draft. He needs to do something his mentor could not. Oh, Parcells helped bring solid talent to the Dolphins when they were lacking even that. But conference titles and Super Bowls are won with difference-makers, game-changers stacked atop solid talent.

Ireland, on his own this draft, has work to do.

NOTES: I will be updating the blog several times Thursday so check back throughout the day. I will also provide real-time updates from Ireland's presser on twitter. So please follow me to get those updates.

November 30, 2010

Report: Davis, Smith fined for conduct detrimental

Both Vontae Davis and Sean Smith missed Sunday's start against the Oakland Raiders for what coach Tony Sparano said was a "coach's decision." This, of course, is a half-truth because it doesn't explain the reason why the coach decided to keep his two starters on the bench ...

...Until now.

According to Orlando Alzugaray of 640-Sports in South Florida, both Davis and Smith were held out of their start as discipline for being late to a meeting and have also been fined for conduct detrimental to the team. Big O is also reporting that this is "at least the third time" one or both of these players is late to a meeting this year.

It is unclear the amount of the fine. I'm working on getting that to you because there is a fine schedule that NFL teams can collect from players and that follows the collective bargaining agreement.

Both Davis and Smith entered the game following the first play in which Benny Sapp and Nolan Carroll played versus Oakland.

According to the Dolphins media release, this is the first start that Davis missed this year. Smith was the starter three consecutive games before missing this start versus Oakland. He was scheduled to start against Cincinnati, saying as much on Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports the week prior to that game, but then did not make the start. He entered the game after the first series, replacing Jason Allen and played the rest of that day.