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24-Hour Theatre Project back on the boards

2008_24_hour_theatre_logo_white_sma Naked Stage's oh-so-creative fundraiser, the 24-Hour Theatre Project, was supposed to have happened on Aug. 25.  Then longtime Sun-Sentinel theater critic Jack Zink passed away, and because the date conflicted with his memorial service, the play-in-a-day event was put on hold.

The trio that founded The Naked Stage -- Antonio Amadeo, Katherine Amadeo and John Manzelli -- have found a date that works for this year's host theater, Actors' Playhouse, and for many of the writers, directors and actors who had planned to participate.  So now the frenzied celebration of creativity will happen on Monday, Nov. 10, in the Balcony Theatre at Actors'.

The fun begins the evening before when eight playwrights get together to pick a theme for the short play they'll spend the night writing.  Actors and directors arrive early the next day to rehearse, block the play and memorize it.  The shows go on at 8 p.m. Nov. 10.

Artists who have signed on so far are Irene Adjan, Katherine Amadeo, David Arisco, Andie Arthur, Chris Demos Brown, Marjorie O'Neill-Butler, Clive Cholerton, Michaela Cronan, Todd Allen Durkin, Scott Genn, Sandy Ives, Christopher A. Kent, Wayne Legette, Lucas Leyva, Margery Lowe, Joseph Adler, Kim Morgan Dean, David Perez-Ribada, Deborah L. Sherman and Barbara Sloan -- with more to come.

Tickets are $58.  For info, call the Actors' Playhouse box office at 954-444-9293, visit
Actors' web site or the Naked Stage site.

Just fyi, last year's inaugural 24-Hour Theatre Project was a packed-to-the-gills success, an impressive artistic statement about just how far South Florida's talented theater community has come.  This one is positioned to be bigger and, its founders hope, better.  It's a good thing that they've proven they have the vision and energy to pull this off:  Just two days before 24-Hour Theatre kicks off with the playwrights picking their topics, the Amadeos open in Naked Stage's production of Nerve, directed by Manzelli