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Gull-winged DeLorean to fly again!

   So it's back to the future for the legendary DeLorean, er, back from the past and into the future, or something like that.

Mvc013x_4   It was more than a quarter-century that John Z. DeLorean, the GM maverick credited with inventing the muscle car, left the giant carmaker to follow his own dream: a unique, "affordable'' ($25,000) sports car.

  Now Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne, president of today's DeLorean Motor Co. and the world's largest inventory of DeLorean parts, is carrying on the dream: He announced the company will begin building new DeLoreans from the ground up -- in limited numbers, say, 20 or 25 a year.

   Will anyone care? Wynne thinks so. He's depending on the ultra-popular Back to the Future trilogy, in which the DeLorean had a starring rolel as a time machine, to continue sparking interest. ‘There isn't a day somewhere in the world that Back to the Future isn't playing as a rerun,‘ he told the Associated Press.

   As a classic DeLorean owner myself, I wonder how much interest there would be for a new DeLorean. Wouldn't the true enthusiast already have a classic in his garage? One can restore them to perfection for under $30,000. A new one, 80 percent of which has original parts, is expected to go for around $57,000.

   Still, I am excited to see what attention the new venture receives. The gull-winged DeLorean, originally built on a Lotus chassis and expected to compete with the Corvette, never really got its chance to develop, to mature. It had its flaws; it was overweight and underpowered (2.8-liter V6). But over time those drawbacks would have been addressed.

   Wynne said he would offer a more powerful engine as an option.

   From a collector's standpoint, I figure there are two sides to this new showroom DeLorean:

   1. More publicity and more interest means more dollars -- the classic's value is bound to go up.

   2. If Wynne's plan works and he sells a bunch, how will that impact the parts supply on which some 6,000 current owners rely? And will the price of those parts go up?

   One thing is certain: The multitude of DeLorean enthusiasts worldwide will be watching to see if Wynne's plan flies as well as the futuristic DeLo did in Back to the Future II.


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Mr. Fusion

Question: I would spend my life's savings on this car if I had the chance. But is it not practical to have this as an every-day car? Meaning, will I not be able to get out of a tight parking space because of the doors? And would it be nearly impossible to get maintaince done on it? I assume it wouldn't make sense to drive this around as my main car (sigh) but I'm a huge BttF fan and would love to if I could. A girl can dream...

Ozzie H.

Funny, your questions are common myths about our cars.

"..is it not practical to have this as an every-day car?" Local owner here, has had one as only car for 15 years, 200K miles. However, keep in mind these are 26 year old cars. I use mine for weekend/pleasure driving.

"...will I not be able to get out of a tight parking space because of the doors?" Only needs 11 inches alongside the car to open. Try that same distance w/ ANY other car.

"....it be nearly impossible to get maintaince done on it?" There are 5 national parts & (Full) service centers, our closest is near Naples, FL. Additionally the DCF members often get together to help each other with our cars.

Feel free to contact any of the other owners in the area at: http://www.deloreanclubfl.com/members.html

Dreams are just dreams if you don't act on them.

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