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Rough Day for Hermida (and it's only the 2nd inning)

               Jeremy Hermida is having quite the adventure in left today. He misplayed two catchable fly balls in the first inning, twisting and turning this way and that, as he tried unsuccessfly to get under them while drifting back toward the wall. Neither miss was ruled an error (the old "he didn't get his glove on the ball" scorekeeper's excuse), but it cost the Marlins and pitcher Ricky Nolasco two runs.

                If there was any excuse for Hermida, who is trying to learn the position after spending his entire career in right, it was the strong right-to-left breeze, which has the flag stretched taut here at Fort Lauderdale Stadium.

               But the fans here weren't buying it. Hermida was up first in the second for the Marlins and he was booed lustily. And when he caught a lazy, easier fly ball after the Marlins returned to the field, he received the Bronx cheerr. Hermida acknowledged fans by raising his glove in the air. They cheered a second time when he caught a line drive to end the inning.