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And Wood Makes 24.......

               When rookie reliever Tim Wood emerges from the busiest bullpen in the majors to throw his first pitch for the Marlins, he'll become the 24th pitcher used by the club this season. No team in the majors has put its uniform seamstress through such a workout, stitching on new names as fast as the Marlins can produce them.

               The Cleveland Indians rank second with 22 pitchers, but only three other clubs -- the Diamondbacks (21), Nationals (21) and Angels (20) -- have used 20 or more. At their current rate of more than one new pitcher per week, the Marlins should blow past the franchise record for most pitchers used in one season -- 30 -- set in 2007. Only four Marlins teams (1995, 2004, 2005 and '07) used more hurlers in an entire season than this Marlins club has used in exactly one-third of one.

               How bad is it for the Marlins' pitching staff? They've already had to use two position players -- Cody Ross and Ross Gload -- in emergency situations.

               The most pitchers ever used by the Marlins in any one season were the 30 hurlers used in 2007.