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Coghlan Swinging a Dodgers Bat, Among Others

                Memo to Louisville Slugger: Chris Coghlan plays for the Marlins, not the Los Angeles Dodgers. Seems the bat company messed up Coghlan's order, shipping him a half-dozen bats that were engraved with "Los Angeles Dodgers" below his name instead of "Florida Marlins."

                Coghlan doesn't seem to care. He's been using the Dodgers bats and, in fact, hit a home run off the Giant's Tim Lincecum with one. But the rookie is down to his last one. He broke the other five, but kept one on the advice of a friend who suggested it could be worth something someday. Just think what a Coghlan "Dodgers" bat would fetch at auction if he ends up in the Hall of Fame and never plays for the team.

                Coghlan is kind of finicky about his bats. He picks from an assortment of four models, choosing one that feels the best during batting practice. Wes Helms, on the other hand, says he's been swinging the same model for 10 years.

                Take a look at Coghlan's bat when he leads off this afternoon. If it's an all-black bat, it's the Dodgers model. If the wood is two-tone, it's one of his three maple models.