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Media Gets Clubhouse Boot Over Questions About Ramirez Beaning

           TORONTO -- A visibly angry Fredi Gonzalez kicked reporters out of the clubhouse following Sunday's victory over questions concerning remarks made by Hanley Ramirez suggesting he was hit intentionally with a pitch and implying the Marlins should have retaliated, but didn't.

            With the Marlins leading 8-3 in the sixth inning, a man at second and first base open, Ramirez was hit in the left elbow by a Dirk Hayhurst pitch.

           When asked after the game whether he thought he was hit intentionally, Ramirez indicated that was the case, replying "Everybody knows."

           He went on to suggest that the Marlins didn't retaliate.

           "I think Fredi knows it," Ramirez said. "J.J. (pitcher Josh Johnson) knows it. (Hayhurst) was throwing strikes."

          Following that conversation, Gonzalez was approached and asked if he thought Ramirez had been hit on purpose.

          Gonzalez replied tersely: "Hit by pitch."

          When questioned further about it, Gonzalez refused to speak.

          When another reporter told Gonzalez that Ramirez had indicated he thought there should have been retaliation, the manager met privately with Ramirez.

           After that, the manager ordered two reporters out of the clubhouse. Moments later, two other reporters were kicked out.