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If Marlins Land Nick Johnson, Can Cameron Maybin Be Far Behind?

             If the Marlins succeed in wrestling Nick Johnson away from the Nationals before this afternoon's trade deadline, it'll be interresting to see how the rest of the dominos fall. Johnson's arrival would almost certainly force Jorge Cantu back to third base, suspect throwing arm and all, and perhaps relegate Emilio Bonifacio to a platoon role in left with Chris Coghlan.

             But I'm wondering if the changes will stop there. It wouldn't surprise me if the Marlins also have a deal cooking for Jeremy Hermida (Cubs?), one that would allow them to call up Cameron Maybin and move Cody Ross to right. In effect, the Marlins would be replacing one left-handed bat in the lineup (Hermida's) with a better one (Johnson's). An outfield of Bonifacio/Coghlan-Maybin-Ross would be an upgrade defensively, as well.

             What's missing here, of course, is a fifth starter. I don't know if Burke Badenhop is the answer, and I strongly suspect the Marlins feel the same. But it'll all shake out in the next four to five hours. Stay tuned.