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Anibal Sanchez: "I'm Ready"

Anibal Sanchez is telling the Knoxville News that his shoulder feels fine and he's ready to join the Marlins now. Sanchez was up in Tennessee on Wednesday, turning in seven strong innings (one run on four hits) for Double A Jacksonville. The Marlins have said they'd like for Sanchez to make one more rehab start before bringing him back from the DL, but it sounds like Sanchez wants to return now. 

             You can read what Sanchez has to say by checking out the  Knoxville story here.

              Should the Marlins bring Sanchez back now and insert him into the rotation? Is he a better option than a struggling John Smoltz or some other hurler in the retread bin? Should they require Sanchez to make at least one more start before bringing him off the DL? Who gets replaced in the current rotation?