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Chris Volstad Sent to Minors

    Chris Volstad was sent to the minors -- specifically, Triple A New Orleans -- after tonight's game, and it was not a big surprise. Volstad has gone completely sour in August, and his dismal outing against the Padres was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Volstad was knocked out in the second inning, making it the briefest outing of his career and the fourth start over his past five games in which he failed to provide the Marlins even five innings of work.

    Manager Fredi Gonzalez was quite blunt in his assessment, saying Volstad is not displaying the moxie he showed earlier this season and as a rookie last season.

    "We always talk about mound presence with him, and composure, and we haven't seen that," Gonzalez said. "He needs to go down there and clear his head a little bit."

    Gonzalez said Volstad was unable to throw any of his secondary pitches for strikes, making it a much easier task for the Padres to sit on his fastball.

Volstad took questions from reporters and attributed his struggles to "a little bit of everything."

    "I wasn't doing my job, and I haven't been doing it for a couple of weeks now," he said.

    Actually, it's been the entire month of August. Volstad has given up 21 earned runs in 19 2/3 inning this month. On Friday, he gave up six runs in the second inning alone to the poorest hitting and scoring club in the majors.

    The bullpen is so shot that not only was Volstad optioned to Triple A, but so was infielder Gaby Sanchez. The Marlins plan to call up a couple of pitchers, one of which is expected to be reliever Luis Ayala.