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The Brendan Donnelly File

   Okay, let's see. Brendan Donnelly is called for an illegal pitch in Cincinnati on Friday, and for good reason. Donnelly, in some sort of brain meltdown, was pitching out of the stretch when he inexplicably stepped off the rubber with his back foot while simultaneously delivering the ball to home plate. The batter, Brandon Phillips, lined the 3-ball pitch to right, where Brett Carroll made the catch and fired back to first to double off the runner.

    Or so it seemed.Second base umpire spotted Donnelly's unusua foot movement and called him for an illegal pitch. Under the rules, that meant automaticall became a ball -- ball four in this instance -- Phillips took first and Joey Votto, who thought he had been doubled up at first, advanced to second.

    Donnelly said afterward that he told teammates when he joined the Marlins that they should be prepared.

"I'll show you things you've never seen before," Donnelly said. "And tonight I showed them."

 It's not the first time Donnelly, a colorful, Bull Durham type of veteran, has been involved in the unusual.

 While with the Angels during the 2005 season, Donnelly inadventerly went to the mound with a ball in his hip pocket. That same season, he was suspended for 10 games when pine tar was disovered on his glove.