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Fredi Gonzalez Goes Deer Hunting with Bobby Cox

INDIANAPOLIS -- Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez isn't ready to give hunting lessons. Not judging from comments made Monday by Braves manager Bobby Cox, who said the two went deer hunting in southern Georgia on Friday and came home empty.

"Fredi had never been deer hunting," Cox said. "He didn't pull the trigger. He didn't see one. I pulled it twice and missed twice."

    Cox will be entering his final season as manager of the Braves and quickly avoided any mention about who his successor might be.

    "I don't want any part of that," Cox said when asked if he would have any input in the decision on naming his successor.

    Gonzalez spent five seasons in the Braves organization -- four of those as third base coach for Cox -- before replacing Joe Girardi as Marlins manager in 2007. Gonzalez has two years remaining on his contract with the Marlins but went through a period of uncertainty about his job status at the conclusion of last season, leading to speculation he might be fired.

As Gonzalez keeps his home in the Atlanta area, is close friends with Cox and has strong ties with the Braves organization, it's safe to assume his name will be mentioned often as a possible replacement for Cox.