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Samson Expects Uggla to be Marlins' Opening Day 2B

   Marlins president David Samson said on his weekly radio show that he expected Dan Uggla to be the team's Opening Day second baseman. That marked the first public admission by a club executive that Uggla would likely remain with the Marlins after months of speculation that he would be traded.

   "He is a Marlin and will be a Marlin this season," Samson said Wedneday on 790 The Ticket.

  Asked by host Dan LeBatard whether Uggla would be the Opening Day second baseman, Samson replied: "Yes. The fact of the matter is he is a Marlin. I never actually went to bed one night this offseason thinking he was not going to be a Marlin."

   The Marlins had trade discussions with several teams about Uggla in December.

   Samson also said there are no plans to trade third baseman Jorge Cantu and discounted rumors that Boston Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell might be traded back to the Marlins ("It's not something that's come to my attention," Samson said.)

  The Marlins signed Uggla ($7.8 million) and Cantu ($6 million) this week to one-year contracts. The team has also scheduled a press conference on Thursday to officially announce the signing of starting pitcher Josh Johnson to a 4-year deal worth $39 million.

   "We're pretty much bringing back in full an 87-win team," Samson said. "We expect to do better."