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Turnbow's Big Toe Gushes Blood Before Bullpen, Reliever All Better Now

    The big toe on Derrick Turnbow's left foot was a bloody mess shortly before he stepped on the rubber for his bullpen warmup session on Sunday. But, afterward, the reliever was feeling much better because of it. And Marlins hitters were probably a little more relieved, as well.

    Turnbow was wild -- even to the point of frightening some of his teammates -- during his first two throwing sessions against live hitters earlier in the week. The reason: Turnbow said an infection caused the toe on his plant foot to swell, making it hard for him to pitch and throw strikes.

"My toenail jammed up in my shoe about a week ago and it caused it to swell up," Turnbow said. "It got infected and it affected my command a lot the first two times I was out. I didn't say anything (to the coaching staff). Today, it busted open and all the blood came out. It felt better immediately."

  Turnbow's toe exploded just before he stepped onto the bullpen mound. The pitcher removed his left sock to allow a trainer to apply a bandage, then began throwing and feeling better than ever.

    Marlins outfielder Cody Ross described Turnbow's toe as "disgusting" when the pitcher showed it to him recently.

    "I couldn't throw strikes the first couple of times out because there was so much more pressure," Turnbow said.


    Asked to single out one player that has made the strongest, instant impression on him so far in spring training, manager Fredi Gonzalez thought for a moment before coming up with utility infielder Brian Barden.

"He plays above average shortstop," Gonzalez said. "For me, a utility guy can play all four positions, but the main position has got to be shortstop. And he's pretty good. He may be the second best shortstop we have behind Hanley, as far as defending. With the makeup of this team, there's room for those types of guys."