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Pie Celebration Lands Coghlan on DL with Knee Injury, May Require Surgery

   SAN FRANCISCO -- Chris Coghlan might require surgery for a left knee injury he sustained on Sunday when he pied a teammate in the face following a walkoff victory on Sunday. Coghlan was placed on the 15-day disabled list after a MRI revealed he tore the meniscus cartilage in his left knee.

   If Coghlan undergoes surgery, he would likely be out six to eight weeks. The Marlins are calling up Logan Morrison from Triple A New Orleans to take his spot on the roster, and manager Edwin Rodriguez has issued a ban on pie celebrations as the result of Coghlan's freak injury.

   "This is just one of those freak things that happened," Coghlan said. "I knew right after it happened. I was going to pie Wes (Helms) in the face and when I jumped, I landed on my knee wrong."

  The injury is reminiscent of one suffered in May by the Angels' Kendry Morales, who broke his left leg when he jumped and landed awkwardly at home plate after hitting a walkoff grand slam.

    "I'm just saying around the league, hopefully through these couple of experiences that have happened to some players, just to be smarter with celebrating," Coghlan said. "It wasn't like I was trying to be hurt. It was just as simple as being excited and happy for my teammate for winning the game, and I just landed on it wrong."

  Coghlan said he knew almost immedately Sunday that he might have injured his knee. He had it iced. But the swelling and pain worsened on the flight to the West Coast.

   "When we found out what happened, we talked about it with the players," said Rodriguez, instituted an immediate ban on pie celebrations, which are common throughout baseball.

   Coghlan was last year's NL Rookie of the Year. Rodriguez said he would now use both Morrison and Emilio Bonifacio in left field, and said that he would consider putting Hanley Ramirez in the leadoff spot.

   "You just can't believe it," Helms said. "To do it that way is just one of those freak things. I don't think it's sunk in yet to everybody. When you look back at it, you're glad you had the celebration but you wish it could have been different."

    Helms agreed with the ban on celebratory pies.

    "I agree," Helms said. "It's kind of like that thing with Morales. Celebrations are fun but you hate for this to be the cancellation of celebrations. But you can take celebrations too far, and each time you celebrate, it just seems like it gets more and more exciting, and guys get more and more into it. Anytime you go after a guy on the field and chase him down and all, it's very dangerous. He might get stepped on, turn an ankle, whatever."

    The list of athletes injured during celebrations is longer than one might think. For a list, go here