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Uggla sets MLB record with four 30 HR seasons

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Dan Uggla became the first second baseman in MLB history to have four seasons with 30 home runs Monday night when he crushed an eighth-inning, two-run shot in the Phillies' 11-4 win over the Marlins.

He also became the first Marlins player regardless of position to have four 30-homer seasons. 

"“It was wearing on me a little bit," Uggla said of the pressure to make history. "When you’re one away like that your body and your mind tend to take over and you try to do too much and that’s what I’ve been doing the last week and a half – trying to make it happen rather than just letting it happen. It just so happened that once I got to two strikes, I forgot about it and just reacted to it. That’s when good things happen in this game – when you let your ability take over and you just react.”

Marlins President David Samson chased down the fan who retrieved the ball in the teal seats in left centerfield behind the Cafe Bustelo sign. "David took care of that for me," Uggla said. "He followed it all the way and went to the guy and figured out what it was going to take. I had to just sign a ball pretty much with a little inscription on it and he was happy to give it to me.”

Now the question is will the Marlins give Uggla the big pay day he deserves. The home run not only made history, but matched Uggla's career-high for RBI with 92. With the Marlins hoping to sign Ricky Nolasco, did Uggla just make himself too expensive for the Fish? We'll see.