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A.J. Pierzynski Would Consider Marlins

    Free agent catcher A.J. Pierzynski told Jim Bowden of XM Radio on Wednesday that he would consider the Marlins as a possible destination, especially since playing in South Florida would put him close to home in Orlando. It's uncertain what, if any, interest the Marlins have in Pierzynski. But they're looking around for help at the position. Chicago's exclusive negotiating window with Pierzynski ends Sunday, but the catcher said he has not heard a peep from the White Sox, "so we don't have to worry about that."

     Pierzynski, 33, is a workhouse who puts up solid offensive numbers and provides postseason experience, including a World Series title with the White Sox in 2005. Price, however, could be an object. Pierzynski has been averaging about $5.5 annually over the past six years. But the guy plays with lots of intensity and passion, traits that appeal to owner Jeffrey Loria.

    Here's some of the Q & A between Pierzynski and XM's Bowden:

    Bowden: These are the teams I think you fit for: I've got the Red Sox, Tampa Bay, Texas, Florida, San Diego and the Mets, although I don't think they are good enough for you to go because you need to win right now at your age. So what do you think of that group of five teams?

    Pierzynski: They all sound like winners to me. They all have great teams, they all are great opportunities and, you know, any person would be lucky to go to any of them....Tampa and Florida, obviously, are close to home.....

    Bowden: If money is equal across the board when you look at this stuff, and years and all that kind of stuff, how would you put order of importance: being close to home, having a chance to win a championship immediately, having the best situation where you can split time with another (catcher)? How do you kind of put all that in an order of where you would like to go?

    Pierzynski: "Well, the first two things are I want to go someplace where I can win, and I want to go someplace I can play every day. So, those are the first two factors I am looking at. And then, obviously, proximity to home. I have two young kids that are just starting school, so that's high on the list. Spring training in Florida would be nice, but not a necessity. Is there an easy flight home from whatever city I'm in to get to Orlando where I live?