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Uggla: "Very Sad That I'm Not A Marlin Anymore"

        Several of us just got done speaking with Dan Uggla, who took the high road by not ripping the Marlins after being traded to the Braves. Uggla was vacationing in Mexico when he got word of the deal. But Uggla said that even up to the end, he thought something could be worked out with the Marlins -- even after they broke off contract negotiations when he rejected their four-year offer for $48 million.

        "I was still thinking, in a weird way, that we were going to get something done," Uggla said. "I have a lot of different emotions. I'm very excited to be a Brave, very sad that I'm not a Marlin anymore, very sad that I'm not going to be playing with all my buddies back in Florida -- with J.J. and Ricky and all the guys I came up with. So it's very tough. I grew very close to Clay Hensley this year, and it's going to be weird not being able to hang out with him every day. But it's baseball."

      Asked if he was aware he would likely be traded after turning down the Marlins' final offer, Uggla had this to say: "It was my understanding, but at the same time the trade hadn't happened yet and I was still thinking we could get something done, even though in the back of my mind I knew this was a possiblity or probably could happen. But, until it happened, I was thinking I was going to be a Marlin. Now that it happened I know I'm not going to be a Marlin next year."

       Asked how tempting the $48 million offer was to him, Uggla replied: "If they offered that to me last year or the year before, it would probably be a fair deal. I didn't think it was a fair deal. They were trying to say I was not going to get a 5-year deal, nobody my age gets 5-year deals, when Ryan Howard's my age and he gets a 5-year deal, Carl Crawford is going to get a 5- or 6-year deal minimum, Jayson Werth, you keep going down the line. They believe one thing, and that's fine. That's their thing. Don't get me wrong, $48 million is life-changing money for anybody. I totally respect that is a lot of money. But, where I'm coming in my career, that just wasn't the deal I was looking for."