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Winter Meetings End Quietly for Marlins

       LAKE BUENA VISTA -- No trades.  No signings. No draft picks.

       The winter meetings ended Thursday without the Marlins adding a single player to their roster. Not that walking away empty-handed was ever the intention. But after an extremely active period going in, one in which they acquired four relievers, a starting pitcher and a starting catcher, there was always the chance that these winter meetings would be a slow one for the Marlins. And they were.

        "Definitely one of our least active," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins president of baseball operations. "We were on a roll there for awhile."

        Aside for the multi-team trade that didn't happen and Zack Greinke rumblings, the Marlins managed to leave Disney without any souviners. Even their bid to make a selection in the Rule 5 draft came up empty when the one player they had their eye on was taken before it was their turn to pick.

         "Our guy got plucked," Beinfest said. "There was only one guy (the Marlins were interested in)."

         Beinfest did not identify that player, but it is believed to be lefty reliever Joe Paterson from the Giants farm system. Paterson was taken by Arizona with the third overall pick, long before the Marlins at 11. On the flip side, the Marlins didn't lose any players in the major league phase of the draft.

          Beinfest said there's a chance the Marlins could make a move, either a trade or signing, within the next couple of weeks, but added that nothing is "hot."

          "We'll keep working up to the holidays," Beinfest said. "Then we'll take a little break and come back in January and see where we're at. We've done it all. We've moved a lot of people, taken on people. This year the calendar just heated up for us earlier."