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Logan Morrison Out 2-4 Weeks (w/video)

    Logan Morrison says he'll be out two to four weeks with tendon injuries to his left foot, a severe blow to the Marlins lineup.

    The Marlins have not placed Morrison on the disabled list, but are virtually certain to do so. Morrison is wearing a hard cast (on which he has drawn pinstripes to match his uniform) that will be removed on Monday in order to have the foot re-examined. But even under a best-case scenario, Morrison said he would be limited to "baseball activities" at first.

  Morrisonfoot     If the Marlins decide to replace Morrison with a player from the 40-man roster, their options are either infielder Ozzie Martinez or outfielder Bryan Petersen, who are both at Triple A New Orleans. Martinez was not in the lineup tonight for the Zephyrs, an indication he could be headed to South Florida. But the Marlins have given no indication what moves they intend to make with the roster.

     "Maybe if I get my superhuman cape on, it'll be a little quicker," Morrison said of the recovery timetable. "It (stinks). I was talking with my family and friends. They were 'Hey, what do you think about the All-Star Game?' And I was, like, 'Shhss. Don't say anything about it.' If I kept doing what I was doing, I might have had a shot. But, now I don't."

    Morrison said he has tendon injuries to both the top and side of his left foot.

    Said manager Edwin Rodriguez: "It's a huge loss."

    Morrison is hitting .327 and leads the team with four home runs and 11 RBI.

     Emilio Bonifacio is starting in left field tonight. Scott Cousins gets the start in center, a move designed purely to give Chris Coghlan a day off.

     But Morrison isn't the only Marlin who is ailing. Third baseman Donnie Murphy (bruised left knee) says he's probably still not ready to play nine innings. And right fielder Mike Stanton says his sore left hamstring is still bothering him.

     "It's an in and out process," Stanton said. "It's normal to take a lot longer to heal playing seven to nine innings out there all day. I think the biggest problem is it's not just one spot. It's top and bottom. So it can't let any part compensate for the other.

In the video below, Logan Morrison talks about the difficulty of getting around on crutches: