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Mujica caught napping in bullpen by television camera

       CHICAGO -- A television camera caught reliever Edward Mujica napping in the Marlins bullpen during the second inning of Saturday's game, and the clip was shown repeatedly on ESPN. (See video HERE) On Sunday, Mujica showed up at Wrigley with a hand-written sign -- "Cameraman, Please Do Not Disturb" -- to hang around his neck, but only if the Marlins are leading.

       "It was not even close to five minutes," the good-natured Mujica said. "I closed my eyes and then I just opened my eyes. They got me right there."

       Mujica said napping during the early innings of games is one of his rituals. He said that when he was with the San Diego Padres, he routinely napped from the first inning through the third in a room adjacent to the bullpen at Petco Park.

       "In Miami I can't do that because there's no place to sleep," he said.

       Mujica said the sun and heat on Saturday made him sleepy and sent him nodding off into dreamland.

       "I was in Venezuela for five minutes," Mujica said.