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LoMo: The Boogeyman is back; McKeon talks closed-door meeting

UPDATE: 11:50 p.m.

It's official: The Marlins announced after Tuesday's game that Logan Morrison has been recalled from Triple-A New Orleans and Dewayne Wise has been designated for assignment.

As was suspected earlier Tuesday evening, Morrison will rejoin the Marlins on Wednesday. At around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Morrison tweeted: “6pm flight to FLL. The Boogeyman is back!” But Morrison later deleted the Tweet from his @LoMoMarlins account.

Morrison was optioned to Triple-A New Orleans in a controversial move on Aug. 13. Morrison said the demotion had to do with an off-field incident, while Florida's front office said it was performance related. Morrison spent 10 days away from the big leagues, equal to the mandated minimum number of days a player must stay in the minors.

The 23-year-old left fielder was hitting .249 with 17 home runs and 60 RBI with the Fish. Since being sent down, Morrison went 4 for 24 (1 for 16 in the last four games) with two doubles, one home run and 5 RBI for the Zephrys.

Wise, the veteran outfielder and defensive whiz, was hitting .239 with two doubles and six runs scored in 67 at-bats.


Manager Jack McKeon held a roughly 20-minute closed-door team meeting before Tuesday’s series opener against the Reds, the first one he has called since taking over for Edwin Rodriguez. The short version of McKeon’s message: “Time to wake up,” he said.

"Time to start thinking about how we can win ballgames doing the little things again," McKeon said. "Also, this is the time of the year when you got a chance to really show the rest of the world that we’re better players or a better team than we’ve shown.

Here's more quotes from McKeon on the meeting...

(Why did you decide to have the meeting?)

I was getting tired of losing. Sometimes I kind of file everything for when I need to have a meeting at the appropriate time. Just let them know that I wasn’t satisfied, that I was embarrassed, and I hope they are too at the way we played.

(Did you get any feedback on the meeting?)

From who? I don’t go around and ask for any feedback.

(Was part of your message about having professional pride?)

That’s part of it. You’ve got to have pride in this game. That’s what hurts me is the fact that I’m a winner. I want to win. You’ve got to be accountable. And the way we’ve been playing is unacceptable.

(Have you seen a lack of effort?)

I don’t see a lack of effort, I just see a lack of execution. We’ve got to concentrate better, be a little better with concentration. We played seven games in a row and gave up 2, 3, 4 runs every game before we could do anything, and that puts our hitters at a disadvantage. We don’t have the kind of power that we can come back from 4, 5 runs early in the game. I just reiterated that we have to be better prepared starting the game, early in the game. We’ve got to be better prepared. We’ve got to pitch smart.

(Did you speak in strong terms?)

When I have meetings, I always [speak in] strong terms, because I don’t have that many [meetings]. I let it all pile up, then let it all hang out.

(So you gave it to the team pretty hard then?)

I was trying to be diplomatic, but I probably let a few guys know. I don’t like to have them that often. I tend to let everything pile up and then let it all hang out. Most of the time they work, we’ll see what happens. I want to see them get back out there and start thinking about winning, not thinking about what’s happening next.

-- Matt Forman