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Marlins teammates told LoMo to tone it down

    DENVER -- In his final tweet before boarding the plane that would take him to New Orleans and the minor leagues, Logan Morrison wrote: "Just went through security at FLL. Forgot to take my belt off. As reward I was given a Deep Tissue massage by Bob from TSA."

    Morrison's tweet happened to be shown on a television inside the Marlins clubhouse here at Coors Field, and it brought chuckles from his teammates -- some of the same teammates who pulled Morrison aside at various times this season and told him to tone down his act.

    One of those was catcher John Buck, who said he was one of several veterans to advise Morrison more than once to make baseball his primary focus, not any of the extracurricular stuff -- the tweeting and bold comments and opinions -- that have identified him as much, if not more, than his stats.

    As Buck pointed out, Morrison's demotion to Triple A New Orleans probably wouldn't have generated a ripple if not for his popularity and outspokenness.

    "He's an awesome dude, a great teammate and a great person," Buck said. "I don't think anybody's telling him not to do the things that he does. I think it's, just don't let it be the main focus of who you are, because you're a pretty dang good baseball player. That, for him, I think that should be good enough. And the other good stuff coming out of him, being who he is, should be icing on the cake. It shouldn't be flip-flopped, which I think it has become."

     Buck said he and Morrison's teammates are hoping the demotion will do him some good, and that he'll come back a better player.

     "He just needs to be LoMo and play the game, and not let the other stuff get in the way," Buck said.

     Meanwhile, the player's union is investigating his demotion at the request of Morrison's agent, Fred Wray, and will determine whether there is grounds to file a grievance.