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Marlins team with The Clevelander, bring South Beach party venue to new stadium behind left field wall

The Marlins are teaming up with a South Beach icon to bring a party atmosphere to their new stadium.

Marlins brass at Clevelander.pgThe Clevelander has partnered up to open a satellite club behind the left field wall in the area formerly known as "La Playa" adjacent to the Marlins bullpen area. In addition to poolside entertainment that will include dancers and DJs open to approximately as many as 120 party goers, there will be Field Level seating and table service available featuring food selections from the South Beach location.

"We don't want anyone to get lazy and to think that just because we have an incredible new retractable, air conditioned ballpark that we can just stand back and not worry about anything else," team president David Samson said. "We want to win. We want to win every year. We want to build a dynasty. We want to be around for a long time. We want this ballpark to be different.

"The Clevelander is an example. It's just not done anywhere. And you can't do this in most cities. But in Miami you can. So why not take advantage of where we are. We don't need fire places. We need an entertainment venue and that's what we have."

Samson and Mike Palma, General Manager of The Clevelander, said the area will be open before and after games, and on non-game days, as late as 3 a.m. Individual tickets to the area will be available when the area is not bought out for private parties. Palma said he anticipated the area at the stadium will open March 30th when the team plays the first of two games against the New York Yankees.

"There are some places where bars have tried to get involved [with teams]. But nobody is going to do what we're going to do," Palma said. "We'll be on the field and we're going to create a sense where you integrate yourself onto the field, but also be entertained and drink and eat. The food won't be from the concession stand. It will be unique."

Samson said Thursday's announcement will be the first of many by the Marlins over the next few weeks and months as they move into their new stadium and rename themselves the Miami Marlins. Samson said naming rights to the stadium will not be announced on Nov. 11, the day the team plans to unveil its new uniforms.

"You have to win on the field. But that's not enough. You have to have a great ballpark. But that's not enough. We got to do both. Like I always say, our honeymoon is going to be five innings long," Samson said. "The new ballpark is amazing. It has everything for everybody. But you have to combine that with winning on the field. So our focus will always be on the field, but having something interesting off the field is also important to us."